Enabling Quality Growth For New Products

Our goal is to enhance medical device ecosystems for sustainable quality growth.


We offer a range of services from design to manufacturing, so we can plug-in wherever you need us. We make sure all our processes are agile and efficient so we can be your trusted partner.

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Mass Production

Megaforce is a one-stop shop for all your mass production needs. We offer end-to-end process manufacturing solutions to help your product to market, faster and most cost effectively.

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Quality Management

We provide an integrated quality process that ensures high standards of quality at every step of production, not just at our end. Our quality assurance team is on standby to ensure that every piece is perfect for your needs. Megaforce provides DHF, DMR, and DHR documentation service and supports product regulatory submissions to make sure your product meets all necessary compliances requirements and regulations on time. Other added values rendered by Megaforce are IP landscape analysis, IP filing and maintenance, and FTO services.

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Mechanical and Electrical Integration

We offer electrical and mechanical integration, designing for electronics. Along with R&D, testing and manufacturing of medical IOT products, we provide innovative solutions for trocar, electrosurgical unit, morcellator, tissue collection bag and other insertable bio-compatible wireless device utilizing IoT and cloud services. We also specialize in algorithm design.

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Solution Hour Consulting Services

Get one-on-one time with a senior engineer for a detailed design walkthrough that includes how to tackle difficult problems and present your solution effectively. Great for hackathons! Great for startup accelerators!

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