Megaforce MedTech is a leader in the medical device industry, and we offer a plug & play manufacturing process that handles mechanical and industrial design, prototyping, tooling design, system integration, manufacturing, testing, semi-automated assembly, QA/QC, packaging, product release, and logistics management.

Megaforce has been a contract manufacturing company since 1981. With over 3,000 employees, our headquarters are in Taiwan and global manufacturing sites are in Mexico, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China.

Megaforce’s techniques of plastic injection molding have led to the expansion of our business toward the development of medical silicone injection molding techniques. From our progress in component manufacturing to the integration of mechatronics, it supports the medical device industry's need for high precision biomedical materials through a precise manufacturing process. Our process provides medical electromechanical integration products, minimally invasive surgical systems, Medical IoT (Internet of Things), and medical machinery products.

Contract Manufacturing provider
Megaforce has been operating as a Contract Manufacturer since 1981
$183M Fiscal Sales
3,300 Employees
Serving Customers Since 1981
Megaforce Contract Manufacturing operates in 5 international locations

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