Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Megaforce is a one-stop shop for all your mass production needs.
We offer mechanical, EMS, firmware and software turnkey solutions for your medical devices.

Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Our system integration services encompass electronics, firmware and software. Along with R&D, testing and manufacturing, Megaforce specializes in providing innovative solutions for constructing medical IOT products, connective wearables, minimally invasive surgical devices, IVD and pharmaceutical combination products.

Mechanical Design, CAE Simulation and Mockup Fabrication

Mechanical design and CAE simulations are conducted regularly in house. Quick turn-around time for prototyping is made possible through internal and external resources. Technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, laser/RF welding, extrusion, die-cutting, stamping, compression molding, casting are utilized to ensure the prototypes meet your quality requirements.

EMS Solutions

  • PCBA Design, verification and Manufacturing
  • Flashing and System Integration
  • Automated Test Fixture Design and Manufacturing
  • IEC 62304 documentation

Battery Pack Development for Medical Devices

  • Battery Cell Selection and BMS Development
  • Battery Pack Testing and Certification
  • Battery Pack Manufacturing and Maintenance
  • Satisfy IEC62133 and UN38.3 Certification

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