Minimally Invasive Surgery

This blog is a brief case study of a process Megaforce built to produce a Dynamically Adjustable Trocar for minimally invasive surgery. The exciting thing is that the Trocar fits in the abdominal walls of variable thickness.

How does it work?

Surgeons can adjust the length of the Trocar by a simple pull action, ideal for laparoscopic surgery. This was an unmet need that a surgeon had on paper. But the design could not be offered to waiting surgeon in the medical field until it was commercialized. This meant Megaforce had a unique opportunity to fill a proven unmet need of the market.

Competencies and checklist:

Market research to understand how to introduce this product into the market.

Material selection including decisions concerning cost, durability, size and shipping.

Computer Aided Design for prototyping and design studies (DHR and DMR).

Tooling to test batch production process.

A certified quality management and PLM system to make the product more cost effective.

Features of the new design:

Reduced length

Balloon design to prevent unexpected displacement

Variable size in inner diameter

One-way valve to prevent air leak


The minimally invasive surgery system is the newest innovation in surgical technology, designed to offer doctors a wide range of new possibilities. The key feature of the device is that it allows for a less aggressive approach to performing surgeries. It’s not just about what this new innovation can do for doctors and patients, it’s also about the variety and cost-effectiveness of its features. With its unique features, this system is far more effective than the traditional trocar. The minimally invasive surgery system allows surgeons to better control the instrument's length and diameter to ensure safety and comfort for patients. It also comes with a one-way valve that prevents air leak during procedures and a balloon design that prevents unexpected displacement of the device during surgery. Plus, with its disposable design, it is far less expensive than other devices in the market.‍