Taiwan Can Help! Saving lives without borders

We are excited to share with you the success of our recent event, "We can help! Saving lives without borders," held on January 11th, 2023. This event was a collaboration between Taiwanese government agencies, private companies, and an American startup called SurgiBox Inc. The main highlight was the introduction of a groundbreaking medical device called SurgiField, designed to save lives in challenging environments. Moreover, we took the opportunity to donate essential medical devices, including SurgiField, to the Barvinkove Hospital in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which has been heavily affected by the ongoing Ukraine-Russian war.

Taiwan's Dedication to Humanitarian Efforts

Taiwan's dedication to supporting democracy and freedom led us to extend aid to Ukraine throughout the year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs allocated a significant budget of 1.8 billion USD for donations to Ukraine. In addition to the government's efforts, private Taiwanese companies demonstrated their commitment to humanitarian causes. Megaforce Co. Ltd, a prominent Systems Integration and Manufacturing Service provider joined forces with SurgiBox Inc. to develop SurgiField—a portable sterile system offering precise environmental control of a state-of-the-art operating room.

The press conference held on January 11th marked a pivotal moment as Megaforce and SurgiBox unveiled the SurgiField™, which had received certification for Humanitarian Use Exemption. To highlight the significance of this milestone, Vincent Yao, the Director General for European Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, graced the donation ceremony with his presence.

Director General Yao emphasized the humanitarian crisis caused by the ongoing war and called for international support to alleviate the suffering and end the conflict.

Megaforce MedTech's Commitment to Humanity

Megaforce MedTech, known for its expertise in design and manufacturing, played a vital role in bringing SurgiField™ to life. Their dedication to humanity and commitment to creating equality are commendable examples for other companies to follow. Chairman Hsu Wen-Lin of Megaforce Co., Ltd., expressed his belief that Megaforce's mission of improving patients' quality of life and elevating medical care standards could be realized through R&D, innovation, and systems integration.

Collaborating with SurgiBox Inc., Megaforce MedTech Biomedical unit successfully navigated the entire process of designing, producing, and integrating SurgiField™. This accomplishment serves as a testament to the positive influence that Taiwanese businesses can have on society when driven by compassion and determination.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs played a crucial role in facilitating the donation by connecting with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. After careful evaluation, the Ministry of Health selected the Barvinkove Hospital in Kharkiv as the recipient of the SurgiField™ donation. Kharkiv has been significantly impacted by the Russian army's targeting since the war's outbreak. This contribution will aid both soldiers on the front lines and civilians in need of emergency surgical treatments while also inspiring others to lend a helping hand to Ukraine.

SurgiBox Founder's Inspiring Background

During the event, SurgiBox founder Debbie Lin Teodorescu, a Taiwanese American from Kaohsiung, shared her Harvard Medical School background and the inspiration behind creating SurgiBox Inc. Her firsthand experiences of critical shortages in medical supplies and resources fueled her determination to provide sterile surgical environments in emergencies.

CEO Mike H. M. Teodorescu commended Megaforce Company Limited for its advanced manufacturing capabilities and short lead times. He pledged to stand with countries, regions, and people in need of medical resources, ensuring that patients receive the care they require.

Delving into the SurgiField™ System

The SurgiField™ system consists of the Smart Control Module (SCM) and a pressurized sterile bubble known as the SurgiBubble™. Equipped with HEPA filters, the SCM effectively filters outside air, dust, and insects, protecting surgeons from bodily fluids and providing a rapidly inflatable environment for emergency field surgery in any setting. This innovative solution significantly increases the chances of patient survival. Notably, the SurgiField™ has been showcased at the prestigious MIT Museum alongside Nobel Prize-winning innovations, solidifying its position as a groundbreaking medical device.

To understand how the SurgiField™ works, let's delve into its functionality. The SurgiField™ system includes a Smart Control Module (SCM) and a Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack. Additionally, it features a portable sterile air bag called the SurgiBubble and a PopUp Frame. When encountering a patient in need of treatment, healthcare professionals can assemble the SurgiBubble and the PopUp Frame, creating a sterile environment for surgical procedures.

To initiate the setup, the battery pack is installed in the SCM, ensuring a reliable power source. The air tube is securely connected to the SurgiBubble, and the HEPA cover is removed. By pressing the "ON" button, the SurgiBubble begins to inflate rapidly, providing a sterile space for surgical interventions. Surgeons can perform procedures through the specially designed cuff of the SurgiBubble. Furthermore, the SurgiBubble features a magnetic channel for transferring instruments, tissues, fluids, and other necessities during the operation.

This advanced equipment serves as a crucial lifeline, extending relief to injured patients, and is especially poised to substantially assist those affected in Ukraine. As the war continues to ravage the region, countless homes have been destroyed, leaving people without shelter, food, and electricity. It is our sincere hope that the conflict comes to an end soon, allowing life to return to normal for the affected communities.

In closing, the success of the "We can help! Saving lives without borders" event showcases Taiwan's commitment to global humanitarian efforts. By collaborating with SurgiBox Inc., Megaforce Co. Ltd. has exemplified Taiwan's advanced manufacturing capabilities and dedication to improving healthcare outcomes. The donation of SurgiField™ to the Barvinkove Hospital in Kharkiv, Ukraine, not only provides vital medical resources but also sends a message of solidarity and support to those affected by the Ukraine-Russian war.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the individuals and organizations involved in making this event a resounding success. Together, we can make a difference in saving lives without borders and creating a brighter future for communities in need.