How to get the most out of the Internet of Medical Things

Megaforce aims to not only be part of the IoT ecosystem, but also plays a key role in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), to connect a collection of medical devices and applications with healthcare IT and network systems.

We also consolidate electronic modular designs, such as LED multistage controller, with our injection molding capability to provide a total solution to health monitoring system. The design and development of the modular embedded solutions conform to IEC-60601 and have been thoroughly verified and validated. With innovations like this Megaforce is working to radically change the way we access and monitor health in order to improve and increase positive outcomes in our clients’ patients.

We develop products for hospitals environments, clinics, and other healthcare providers to ensure that their systems are interconnected with the latest Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies.

The Internet of Medical Things is the next generation of the Internet, where everything including medical devices, hospital equipment, home appliances are connected to each other. With it's wide-ranging capabilities, the IoMT will be able to detect diseases and abnormalities in time before they could be detected by humans.

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